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Creating Your Portrait: How It Works

Welcome to our website dedicated exclusively to custom artwork. Order a pop art portrait created by a professional graphic designer in a wide range of styles inspired by renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, or Jackson Pollock. Send us your favorite snapshots by uploading them in just a few clicks on our site. Trust us by ordering an original and trendy pop art portrait. Once the order is confirmed and your satisfaction assured, we will ship the package to your chosen address.

Original and Personalized Home Decor Gift

Tired of giving the same gifts every year and feeling like you haven't quite found the perfect gift idea? will be delighted to help you fully satisfy your loved ones with our customizable and original gifts. You can offer a personalized and unique gift that matches the tastes and desires of the lucky recipient. Discover all our options on our website and create the perfect gift right away, to stand out on any occasion! Find here the Valentine's Day Gift Ideas section.

Bring Pop Art into your interior design!

What an original idea to transform your family or couple photos, your portrait, or those of your pet into a Pop Art canvas that will make your home decor unique! A personalized triptych pop art portrait with the picture of each of your children, a customizable portrait in the style of Andy Warhol for an offbeat and contemporary decoration, or even a vintage-style array of faces for a gift idea that is sure to please— the possibilities are endless.

A touch of magic in your decor!

A photo mosaic is simply a composition of images in a single photo, a truly playful creation. It's also referred to as a photo montage mosaic.

If you wish to create a photo mosaic, you'll need to select your main image as well as the smaller photos.

Offering a mosaic image is an original gift idea that is sure to please. So, don't wait any longer and visit the page dedicated to creating your mosaic.

High-Quality Canvas Printing Made in France has always been committed to artisanal manufacturing 'Made in France'. In order to offer you the best, we ensure that our stretched canvas prints, also known as photo on canvas, are created on a specific high-quality fabric of 100% cotton made from natural fibers to guarantee the longevity of our prints. The canvases are then crafted, stretched by hand, and stapled onto a traditional wooden frame at our workshop in Nîmes (France). Our paintings are delivered mounted and ready to display!

What Pop Art format for my souvenir photos?

Do you want to display portraits of those who matter to you in your living room while showcasing creativity? Are you looking to immortalize a life moment with a modern and contemporary artistic dimension? Studio Pop Art transforms your portrait, your children's, your loved ones', and even your cat or dog's into stars on a new canvas in the Pop Art style. There are no limits in terms of subject matter for portraits and photos, only those set by your imagination. This is where the excellence and expertise of Studio Pop Art shine through, providing you with artworks that revolutionize your perception of photography. You or your loved ones become genuine pop stars, displayed with originality on the walls of your living room, in a living space, above a fireplace, or in a child's room.

How to create a high-quality Pop Art canvas?

Your creativity in the photos you share with us is what will make the difference and allow you to enhance your Pop Art canvas. Whether providing us with a series of photos that highlight a memory or stylishly immortalizing a portrait that holds significance for you, you decide which model will serve as the basis for creating a canvas in the style of Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein. With Studio Pop Art, all customizable canvas creation projects entrusted to us are first and foremost the representation of an idea that reflects you, and it is the photo that transcribes all those emotions dear to you. Far from distorting the essence of your photo, the Pop Art effects we apply, according to your preferences and chosen style, enhance and make your canvases unique and design-oriented. Simply follow a few quick steps in choosing your creative options and send us your photos to receive your Pop Art canvases at home. Swift responsiveness from our graphic design teams, a professional creative process, unparalleled finishing quality, and timely delivery—this is what awaits you when you trust Studio Pop Art to give or treat yourself to an original gift with contemporary and decorative canvases.

Family portrait or personalized portraits

Create a personalized family portrait in just a few clicks that will charm all members of your circle as an original gift. The personalized and illustrated portrait is a customized gift that allows recreating your family with characters resembling you and adaptable to all family members, making it an ideal present.

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