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From your own photos, I craft your photo mosaic by hand.
Crafted by a graphic designer
Manual cropping of small photos
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Collection: Photo mosaic

A mosaic simply represents an image composed of several small photos. It can also be called a photo montage mosaic. Nowadays, it's very easy to order a photo that combines numerous small images to create this effect. If you're considering creating a photo mosaic, you'll need to choose your main image as well as the thumbnails that will compose it. Photo mosaics make for an original gift idea that will surely appeal to you. To view some examples, click here.

Comment faire une mosaique de photos

How do I create your photo mosaic?

  1. Firstly, I work on your main image. I enhance its sharpness, brightness, and bring out its colors while adapting it to the format you've chosen. My priority is highlighting the main subject. If needed, I can create a photo montage to change the background or group people together, as per your preferences.
  2. Next, I focus on your hundreds of smaller photos. I crop them to ensure uniform proportions and alignment.
  3. Then, I assemble your photo mosaic using software specifically configured for this purpose.
  4. The resulting file is raw, emphasizing the importance of my color editing work. I soften overly prominent thumbnails, enhance the colors of various elements, and refine the faces. This stage involves retouching the skin, eyes, and facial expressions to achieve a clearer and more precise outcome.
  5. My primary goal is to enhance the smaller photos while highlighting the main image. I ensure their visibility. Lastly, I send you a preview via email for validation before initiating the printing process.
Mosaique de petites photos

What will be the size of the small photos?

Originally, your photo mosaic is composed of a minimum of 2600 photos. The higher the number of photos, the greater the precision of the main image. However, the art of creating a stunning mosaic lies in finding a balance between the size of the smaller images and the clarity of the overall image. Overly large thumbnail photos might result in a coarse output. Generally, regardless of the chosen size, the thumbnail measures a minimum of 1.5 cm in width, making it clearly visible to the naked eye while preserving the integrity of the entire image.

Photo mosaique en ligne


Mosaic artwork printed on 100% cotton canvas, 380g, providing a matte finish, carefully stretched over a wooden frame and adjusted using tension keys. Your artwork is ready to be hung directly on your wall, eliminating the need for purchasing a frame or any additional hanging devices.

Comment faire une photo mosaique

Photo paper

Printed on high-quality satin finish photo paper (235g), this poster comes in various standard sizes, making it easy for you to find a frame or glass frame at any specialized store.

Photography Tips

A crucial step in creating your photo mosaic is choosing the main image to highlight. Indeed, the photo mosaic technique doesn’t allow for a perfect reproduction of the details in this main image. The subtle nuances of a landscape or a group photo with more than 3 or 4 faces can't be fully replicated. That's why portrait mosaic is often mentioned since simple facial features suit this technique better. Opting for a close-up is also recommended. During the creation process, I handle the necessary cropping to enhance your main photo and send it to you for approval via email.

Regarding the thumbnails that compose the mosaic, no specific quality requirements are needed. Approximately a minimum of 2600 photos will be used, visible up close. To create a mosaic, I need between 150 to 1600 of your personal photos. If you need guidance or are unsure between several main photos, feel free to contact me. I'll be delighted to assist you in making the best choice.

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