Custom canvas

You are looking for an original decoration for your interior or for a gift that is out of the ordinary. creates a personalized painting from your photos. More than a simple print on canvas, the personalized painting is a real creation. Indeed, from one of your shots we suggest you create a pop art canvas with 1 or more boxes, in flashy colors or on the contrary in black and white.

Thanks to a wide choice of personalized painting models, adapts to your desires, your tastes and the style of decoration of your interior. Do you like the pop art style of Andy Warhol or prefer to display your favorite photo in vintage Marilyn Monroe style? Our team of graphic designers will produce a personalized pop art canvas in bold colors for a stylish decoration. Manual retouching, clipping, cropping, he will sublimate your photo to make it a high quality personalized creation.


A full range of custom tables

Whatever style you choose, your personalized canvas is made entirely individually according to your desires. You choose your colors so that they harmonize with your interior decoration, your model, and you receive a personalized painting with frank, dynamic colors for a stylish decoration ready to be exhibited.

The personalized Warhol canvas that you can decline in several boxes immerses you in the universe of the 50s and 60s. Make a splash by choosing a flashy horizontal or flashy vertical 3-box model or with a glamorous print. Your decorative painting offers you shadows of marked faces and clear flat areas of color. You can also opt for the Monroe personalized painting for a more vintage atmosphere and to bring a glamorous touch to your interior decoration.

If you prefer a more modern touch to your custom board, we offer the Splash custom canvas inspired by artist Jackson Pollock. With this realization characterized by its paint jets, your decoration will display a resolutely design style. It is a style that will be appreciated by young people to decorate their room or their first student studio. Finally, if your interior is totally modern, choose a personalized WPAP canvas in the style of Wedha Abdul Rashid which will allow you to create magnificent portraits on white or colored backgrounds.


A personalized table 100% made to measure

At Studio-pop-art, your personalized canvas is created 100% tailor-made from your photo, according to your needs: dimensions, colors, styles, number of boxes. So you are guaranteed to get a personalized photo print for your interior or to offer Depending on the print you have chosen, you will receive a ready-to-hang canvas painting or a poster that you will easily frame thanks to dimensions standards. Mother's Day, Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day, the personalized pop art painting is one of the most popular gifts. Transform one of your most beautiful memories into a real emotional gift, made on demand.

With its many years of experience and proven expertise in the production of personalized custom canvas , Studio-pop-art is the specialist in decorative paintings with photos. Thanks to the high quality of the work and the finishes, the personalized canvas from photos on offer amazing results.



Your personalized canvas created by

With Studio-pop-art, benefit from a high quality graphic design We suggest that you proceed to the expertise of your shot before any work. Thus, from the photo diagnosis carried out free of charge on request , we can tell you if the transformation into a personalized painting is possible, or direct you to another shot. Each personalized photo canvas or personalized pop art canvas is designed in our workshops from your original photo. Simply choose your size, format and color options and place your order. Our graphic designers rework your photo by retouching and cropping it to adapt it to the model you have chosen and send you a preview for validation.

The work of designing your personalized canvas from a photo is carried out meticulously, manually using a graphic palette. It is this quality work that makes the difference at Studio-pop-art compared to semi-automatic processes that offer you an immediate overview. With us, quality rhymes with a few days' delay. You will then receive your personalized painting printed on stretched canvas or in poster format and in the dimensions of your choice.

With Studio-Pop-Art, immortalize your most beautiful memories and your most beautiful shots on personalized paintings to offer to your friends or your family.