Custom portraits

Specialized for many years in the realization of personalized paintings from photos, Studio-pop-art, offers personalized portraits made from your photos of couples or families. Thus, we create from your most expensive shots, personalized pop-art portraits, splash portraits or vintage personalized portraits with Maryline Monroe effect.


The personalized portrait: the original gift not to be missed

Are you looking for an original gift to offer to a loved one or friend for a special event, such as a wedding for example? Why not immortalize a photo of their meeting with a personalized portrait ? Your child leaves the nest to settle in his own studio? Give him his personalized pop art portrait to create an original decoration that everyone will envy him.

The art of personalization is a graphic technique to transform a simple gift into a memorable gift. Thanks to the customization and the different styles of realizations, you can sublimate any memory, any photo and make it an unforgettable moment. For a modern custom portrait, choose a tangy 4-panel splash painting . Do you like sepia renderings? In this case, choose a chocoflashy model that elegantly combines sober colors such as black or gray with innovative shades. By offering a personalized portrait gift, you are offering your loved ones a real gesture of love .

A personalized portrait becomes timeless and does not depreciate. On the contrary, its sentimental value has only grown over the years, a vector of nostalgia. Offering a portrait painting helps to strengthen a bond of friendship or love.

Are you looking for a personalized portrait that is a symbol of elegance and sophistication? In this case, choose a black and white custom portrait , gray or a monochrome custom portrait. On black or white backgrounds you have all the freedom to choose the rendering that you like the most.


A modern canvas portrait of your loved ones

Are you looking for a modern and original decoration idea for your interior? From a simple photo of your children, families, friends or spouses, our graphic designers create an original personalized portrait on canvas that will arouse all admiration . Monochrome portrait, black, gray or black and white photo portrait, we design a real work of art for you.

Personalized couple portrait , personalized child portrait, and even pet portraits , make your most beautiful memories a stylish design decoration that will easily match your interior. By browsing our different custom portrait options , you will be able to choose a model that will perfectly match your interior. Size, color, you choose and Studio-pop-art transforms your photo into a personalized portrait on canvas with a very high quality rendering .


Why choose a personalized portrait as decoration?

Very fashionable and able to adapt to all styles of decoration, the personalized portrait with its different styles is a very original gift. Christmas, Father's Day, Valentine's Day or simply for you, it's the personal gift that will surely touch the one who receives it.

Timeless, it does not go out of fashion and on the contrary takes on a sentimental value over the years. Often immortalizing a key moment in a life, we always look at it with special tenderness and great affection.

The photo painting is an original gift that everyone will appreciate, whatever their style. Indeed, thanks to the different types of realization you can easily match it to your decoration and your interior atmosphere. Modern or vintage spirit, it will undoubtedly please the one who will receive it.

Personalized Pop Art portrait 4 flashy boxes


Choose Studio-pop-art for the realization of your personalized portrait

With many years of experience, the Studio-pop-art team realizes in a completely manual way your pop art custom portrait . Once your photo is received, it is completely reworked using a graphic palette. The lines are redefined manually, without any automatic intervention for a better rendering quality.

The monochrome custom portraits give a real elegance to your photos that are most dear to you. If you like the qualities of black and white or monotonous shades, then it is the style of personalized creation with photo that will give you the most satisfaction. If you prefer flashy colors and color combinations, we recommend the pop art custom portraits Andy Warhol style.

With a perfect knowledge of the artistic styles of Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock or Wedha Abdul Rashid, Studio-pop-art offers you a complete selection of custom paintings and high quality pop art paintings . Plus, you receive your custom portrait ready to hang if you chose canvas printing or ready to frame in poster size. Print dimensions are standard to suit all frames.