Collection: Venetian portrait

Discover our exclusive collection of dot portraits, an artistic creation inspired by the unique architecture of Venice and its famous bottle-bottom windows in iconic landmarks such as St Mark's Basilica.

The "Dot Portrait" is an innovative fusion of contemporary art and Venetian tradition. Using your photo as a starting point, we create a portrait zoomed in exclusively on your face. This abstract artistic style offers a captivating visual experience: watch your facial features come to life as you move away from the painting.

The process is simple and personalised. All you have to do is upload 1 to 3 different photos, and our team of experts will select the most suitable photo to create your unique dot portrait.

How does it work? Each dot in your portrait is meticulously created with 5 rings of different colours and sizes, reproducing the shades of glass characteristic of Venetian windows. The mesh of dots, from the lightest to the darkest, creates a striking visual effect that precisely reproduces the relief of your face.

Choose the "Dot Portrait" for a distinctive artistic piece that combines tradition and modernity, capturing the essence of Venice and the uniqueness of your face in a truly unique way. Transform your portrait into an exceptional work of art that intrigues and amazes.