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Create a sepia photo mosaic

Create a sepia photo mosaic

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Support and Size

After your order, a preview will be sent to you by email within 2 business days. Unlimited revisions! We work until you are absolutely 100% satisfied.


Give us your favourite photo and we'll create your photo mosaic portrait. Our graphic designer will take care of creating your mosaic picture or poster and will carry out manual retouching to enhance your favourite photo.

Enhancement of the main photo:

Ideally, we work on the original photo. However, if any retouching is required, it's best to entrust this delicate stage to our graphic designer so that he can crop it to fit your mosaic project as perfectly as possible. As part of the creation process, the graphic designer takes care of the cropping required to optimise your main photo and sends it to your email inbox for validation.

Manual photo cropping:

We manually crop and rotate the photos as required.

Final touch-up :

When we receive your preview in your email inbox, we give you the opportunity to carry out some retouching and even test other colour variations. You benefit from these services at no extra cost.

Photography tips

How do I choose my main photo?

A key step in creating a photo mosaic is choosing the main photo you want to highlight. The photo mosaic technique makes it impossible to reproduce exactly the same details as the main photo. It's not possible to convey the subtlety of a landscape or a family photo with more than 3 or 4 faces... We usually refer to this as a mosaic portrait, because the face, with its simple shapes, is the most suitable. We also advise you to choose a close-up photo. As part of the creative process, the graphic designer will take care of the cropping required to optimise your main photo and send it to your email inbox for validation.

Examples of perfectly adapted photos:



3 examples of photos to avoid:


Need help choosing your photo?

If, despite our recommendations, you still have doubts about the quality of your main photo, we can help you choose by showing you the photo or photos that will give the best result according to your wishes. Camille will carry out a free diagnostic and tell you whether or not the photo is suitable for your mosaic project. Click here for more information. If you're having trouble deciding between two photos, don't hesitate to send them to us when you place your order so that our graphic designer can choose the one that seems most appropriate.

How do I choose my thumbnail photos?

Thumbnails are the small photos that will make up your main photo. Which photos to choose? For best results, remember to vary the colours and types of photos: daytime, night-time, landscape or indoor, portraits or group photos... To respect the content of the main photo as much as possible and to ensure that all the shots are in the same direction, we reserve the right, if necessary, to crop and/or rotate your thumbnail photos by hand.


How many small photos do you need for a beautiful mosaic?

We advise you to send as many photos as possible, at least 150 different photos, without exceeding the limit of 1600. If, however, you are unable to gather more than 150 photos, we will study them to see if it is possible to artificially increase the number of photos through multiple use by specific cropping. However, it is important to understand that the more images you have, the more accurate the rendering will be. The aim is to achieve the best possible mosaic by avoiding too many image repetitions. From 350 photos onwards, we already obtain a very nice result.

Are the thumbnails duplicated?

The more pictures you send us, the less repetition there will be and the better the result will be. If you only gather 150 photos and the final mosaic contains 2800, there will be a lot of duplication. Even if you manage to provide as many photos as possible, duplication of the same thumbnail photo will be unavoidable in areas of uniform colour. But don't worry, this will not spoil the look of your custom mosaic.

Do I have to crop the photos myself before sending them?

For the main photo, it is best to work on the original photo. However, if any alterations need to be made, it is best to leave this delicate step to our graphic designer so that he can crop it to fit your mosaic project as perfectly as possible. In the process of creation, the graphic designer takes care of the cropping necessary to optimise your main photo and sends it to your email box for validation. As for the thumbnail photos, we take care of the necessary cropping and rotation manually. However, you have the choice to do these tasks yourself!

What if I want to change the photo of my current creation?

It is possible to change the main photo even if the mosaic creation has already started. This service will require an additional cost. Indeed, the creation of a photo mosaic is a time-consuming and costly process. If the request for a print preview or the execution of retouching is included in our rates, it will cost 19 euros to create a custom mosaic with a new main photo or to add or remove thumbnails.

Is my picture ready to hang?

Yes, as soon as it comes out of its box, the mosaic will be ready to hang on the wall. There is no need to invest in a frame or fasteners.


High-quality photo printing. Pigment-based inks coated with resin that resist moisture and ultraviolet rays, ensuring longevity and durability of our prints for up to 200 years.

Artwork printed on 100% cotton canvas, 380g, with a matte finish, stretched over a wooden frame and adjusted with tension keys. Your artwork is ready to be directly hung on your wall, eliminating the need for purchasing a frame or any additional fixtures.
Photo Paper:
Poster printed on satin photo paper, 235g. The available formats correspond to standard sizes, allowing you to easily find a frame or glass in any specialized store.


You will receive a preview of your portrait directly to your email inbox within 2 business days. At that point, you will have the opportunity to request any revisions to the preview. Each revision request will extend the shipping date by one business day. The shipping date will depend not only on the number of revisions but also on how promptly you respond to our emails. Additionally, please allow an extra business day for printing on top of the graphic creation time. Shipping times will vary depending on the chosen mode of transportation:

  • +2 to 3 working days with Colissimo home delivery
  • +3 to 4 business days with Mondial Relay pickup/delivery

For an impeccable rendering of your mosaic board, do not hesitate to contact our team who will advise you throughout your order. It is up to you to choose the style of your mosaic board, between colour, black and white, sepia or colour touch.

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