Pop Art Canvas

Directly inspired by the greatest artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein or even Jackson Pollock and Wedha Abdul Rashid, the pop art painting is one of the most original gifts. From a simple photo, Studio-pop-art creates for you a personalized photo canvas composed of several colored frames highlighting the main subjects. Gifts for 2, or even pet pop art canvas, immortalize those who are dear to you in an original way with the personalized pop art painting .

A pop art painting inspired by the greatest

Highlight the members of your family or your couple with a pop art painting composed of several colored frames. Completely configure your composition by choosing the number of faces or by creating your combinations of single and duo faces or choose your orientation. Horizontal Warhol canvas 3 boxes or vertical Warhol canvas 3 boxes, the artist is you! This photo canvas inspired by Andy Warhol offers you an amazing, very colorful rendering that you can display in your living room or in a bedroom to constitute an ultra modern decoration. The horizontal format will notably find its place naturally above a bed or a desk.

Printed on stretched canvas with a wooden frame or on a photo poster of the size you want, pop art photo canavs fit perfectly into all interior decorations. Ready to be framed or to be placed, they are really the ready-to-use gift that you can offer without constraint to your loved ones. Whatever your interior design, we offer high-quality photo boards in different styles for personalized portraits that will make a splash.


Pop art paintings with multiple renderings

Do you like pop art decoration? So, you will appreciate the different models offered at Studio-pop-art.fr. With tangy, black and white, chocoflashy prints and many more, your interior will take on a whole new look.

Do you like the sixties? So, without a doubt, the Andy Warhol-style pop art 4 photos will be a wall decoration of the most beautiful effect. Do you prefer photos on canvas that offer portraits with colorized geometric facets? In this case, we recommend a personalized WPAP pop art, in the style of the artist Wedha Abdul Rashid. This style of wall painting is a more contemporary decoration of the 1990s-2000s. As for the pop art Splash canvas, it is materialized by a photo canvas mixing the stylistic processes of the artist Andy Warhol with the practice of "dripping" of the artist Jackson Pollock. It is undoubtedly the model that will appeal most to young adults looking for decoration for their bedroom or studio. Finally, if you want to give a gift to a loved one for a special occasion such as a personalized wedding gift, prefer Elegance personalized pop art . The delicate work on the play of shadows and light carried out with accuracy and harmony will highlight the slightest physical specificity of the portraits.


Pop art canvas: a gift for any occasion

Are you looking for a personalized gift to offer for Mother's Day, a birthday, Valentine's Day or for Father's Day? The personalized pop art decorative canvas is the ideal gift that everyone loves. Having a canvas created from a photo that is dear to the person concerned will bring real emotion to the person who receives it.

A painting on canvas in pop colors brings joy to whoever receives it and is also a modern decoration. Canvas art appeals to all generations. Some will appreciate this modern canvas, while others will nostalgically dive back into an Art Deco style of the sixties.




Custom-made pop art paintings

At Studio-pop-art we design each pop art canvas with care and meticulousness. Where others offer you immediate previews with automatic designs, with us your most beautiful photo is carefully reworked by our graphic designers with a graphic palette so that the photo print on canvas has the most beautiful effect. Thus, whatever the size of your pop art canvas , you will have no loss of definition or quality of the image printed on canvas.

Send us your most beautiful photo that you want to transform into a pop art canvas. A few days later, you will receive by email a first draft of your personalized decorative painting. If you are happy with the draft, we will then print it on canvas to turn your most beautiful photo into a work of art. All you have to do is hang your pop art canvas on a wall and admire your new wall decoration.