Collection: Original Christmas Gift Ideas


We offer you a carefully curated selection to help you find the perfect personalized Christmas gift. We have personalized gift suggestions suitable for all ages, including stylized portraits created from your own photos. Offering a personalized painting is a gesture that will surely delight those close to you, whether your family or your friends.

Finally, Christmas is at our doorstep! No need to desperately search for a unique gift for this special occasion. The talented artisans at have prepared a diverse range of portrait styles for you! Whether it's pop art, photo mosaic, splash, or sketches, your photo will be transformed into an original portrait that will impress your loved ones. It's a wonderful way to immortalize your memories and make this Christmas Eve unforgettable. Explore our selection of gift ideas for a Christmas that is both original and artistic! It's the perfect opportunity to give your friends or family a beautiful custom portrait.

Illustré votre animal de compagnie - Studio Pop Art

Give a unique touch to your Christmas gifts by choosing a personalized portrait. It's very simple: explore the different styles available on or share your idea with us, and we will create a custom portrait just for you. This way, you can surprise your loved ones with gifts like a "My Better Half" canvas for close-knit parents, a glamorous comic strip for an elegant young lady, or even a colorful pop art portrait for a loyal and energetic dog! Whether you want a unique family portrait or a special gift for your partner, entrust us with the creation of an astonishing and emotional masterpiece.


With over 13 years of expertise in creating portraits from photos, is the specialist in personalized artworks. Whether you're looking for an original Christmas gift or wanting to refresh your wall decor, we offer a wide range of styles, from classic pop art to playful PicsArt portraits, printed on stretched canvas. This gives you numerous opportunities to delight someone or treat yourself to a Christmas portrait.

In just a few clicks, you can order a unique gift for all your loved ones. If needed, feel free to contact us to discuss your project in advance.

Since 2010, has established itself as the expert in personalized portraits. Thanks to our extensive experience, you can be assured of giving a Christmas gift that is both contemporary and authentic. Browse through our range of personalized photos and discover the style that will captivate your attention! Once you have made your choices and placed your order, we will initiate the process of creating your artwork.

Our talented graphic artist begins by working on your photo according to the style you have selected. This creation is done manually, using a graphic palette and a computer. Once the process is completed, you will receive a preview for validation before printing. Next, we take care of the printing in our workshop on a stretched canvas. We take great care in packaging your portrait to ensure it is protected from any damage during transportation. As a result, you will receive your order in just a few days!

  • Your portrait is designed by a professional graphic designer using a graphics tablet. We do not use pre-made filters to alter your image.
  • This allows you to customize various aspects such as colors, adding a name (additional charges may apply depending on the complexity of your requests).
  • You will receive an email preview before printing, allowing you to request adjustments from the graphic designer if necessary.
  • Printing is done by us on high-quality materials.
  • We are a small, responsive business, here at your service.

You now just need to choose the perfect photo to make your Christmas gift unforgettable!