Photo tips for a successful mosaic

How do I choose my main photo?

A key step in creating a photo mosaic is choosing the main photo you want to highlight. The photo mosaic technique makes it impossible to reproduce exactly the same details as the main photo. It's not possible to convey the subtlety of a landscape or a family photo with more than 3 or 4 faces... We usually refer to this as a mosaic portrait, because the face, with its simple shapes, is the most suitable. We also advise you to choose a close-up photo. As part of the creative process, the graphic designer will take care of the cropping required to optimise your main photo and send it to your email inbox for validation.

Examples of perfectly adapted photos:



3 examples of photos to avoid:


Need help choosing your photo?

If, despite our recommendations, you still have doubts about the quality of your main photo, we can help you choose by showing you the photo or photos that will give the best result according to your wishes. Camille will carry out a free diagnostic and tell you whether or not the photo is suitable for your mosaic project. Click here for more information. If you're having trouble deciding between two photos, don't hesitate to send them to us when you place your order so that our graphic designer can choose the one that seems most appropriate.

How do I choose my thumbnail photos?

Thumbnails are the small photos that will make up your main photo. Which photos to choose? For best results, remember to vary the colours and types of photos: daytime, night-time, landscape or indoor, portraits or group photos... To respect the content of the main photo as much as possible and to ensure that all the shots are in the same direction, we reserve the right, if necessary, to crop and/or rotate your thumbnail photos by hand.