Photo mosaic creation process

Give us your favourite photo and we'll create your photo mosaic portrait. Our graphic designer will take care of creating your mosaic picture or poster and will carry out manual retouching to enhance your favourite photo.

Enhancement of the main photo:

Ideally, we work on the original photo. However, if any retouching is required, it's best to entrust this delicate stage to our graphic designer so that he can crop it to fit your mosaic project as perfectly as possible. As part of the creation process, the graphic designer takes care of the cropping required to optimise your main photo and sends it to your email inbox for validation.

Manual photo cropping:

We manually crop and rotate the photos as required.

Final touch-up :

When we receive your preview in your email inbox, we give you the opportunity to carry out some retouching and even test other colour variations. You benefit from these services at no extra cost.