How to create a Pop Art portrait

Give us your favourite photo and we'll create your personalised portrait. Our graphic designer will take care of creating your Pop Art and will carry out manual retouching to enhance your favourite photo.

Cropping :

Leave it to our experts to crop your photos, simply send us your original shots and our graphic designers will crop them to best fit the proportions of your chosen painting.

Trimming :

It's important to know that when we make Pop Art, the background of the photograph is not used, so it has no effect on the final result. It doesn't matter if it's too light, too dark or even if you don't like it, only the faces cropped manually by one of our graphic designers will appear on the finished creation.

Colours :
With the print preview, we give you the opportunity to make certain alterations and even test other colour variations.

Lips :
At Studio Pop Art we respect certain rules when it comes to treating lips. We preserve the natural tint of children's and men's lips and colour women's lips for a more feminine look. However, with the print preview, you can ask us to change the lip colour to suit your own tastes at no extra cost.

Number of faces :
You can have 1 face in 4 different colours at no extra cost.

Additional Tips :

Consider accessorizing your shots; in our model photo, we chose a hat and a flower, which add more color to the pop art. You too can stage your portraits with accessories, such as: jewelry, glasses, hats, scarves, toys/stuffed animals, hair clips, and more.