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Did you know? Creating a photo mosaic is a digital art form now within reach. The concept of several small photos forming a large image emerged several years ago thanks to Robert Silvers, a computer scientist turned artist. He went on to work with major companies such as Disney, Audi and Coca-Cola. This digital technique has been perpetuated over the years, and can now be found in film posters, album covers and advertisements.

How to order your mosaic photo

It's really very simple! First choose your main image, then collect at least 150 photos.

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  1. Choice of mosaic: Choose your mosaic in colour, en black and white, ou en sepia.
  2. Choose your media: Choose your media and format.
  3. Uploading photos and ordering: Once you've selected your media, upload your main photo and all the smaller photos. We need between 150 and 1000 personal photos to create a mosaic.

How do we create your photo mosaic?

Are you wondering how we achieve this breathtaking effect? Here are the different stages in creating your photo mosaic, illustrated:

  • 1. Retouching the main photo

    As part of the creative process, the graphic designer takes care of the cropping required to optimise your main photo and sends it to your email inbox for validation.

  • 2. Crop: up to 1000 thumbnail photos

    We recommend that you send between 150 and 1,000 photos for best results. With 350 photos or more, the result will be remarkable.

  • 3. Assembling thumbnail photos

    Your photo mosaic is assembled using specially configured software.

  • 4. Raw mosaic before retouching

    Once the raw file has been obtained, it is crucial to retouch the entire mosaic. Vignettes that are too prominent are softened, skin tones and the whiteness of eyes are enhanced, and facial expressions are made sharper, among other adjustments.

  • 5. Final results

    Once the right balance has been found between the visibility of the small photos and the large one, our graphic designer will send you the result of your mosaic by e-mail for validation before printing.

Are individual photos visible?

The very essence of the mosaic lies in the balance between the size of the miniatures and the clarity of the main image. The more photos there are in your mosaic, the richer the detail will be. With over 13 years' experience in creating photo mosaics, we adapt our know-how according to the subject to be reproduced (portrait, logo, etc.), in order to achieve this perfect harmony. As a result, the miniatures will be easily identifiable to the naked eye, while the main image will be perfectly detailed.

Why choose to create your photo mosaic?

Making your own photo mosaic is now accessible to everyone. Many automated software programmes and websites allow you to create and view your mosaic in real time. At, we take a different approach: from start to finish, your photo mosaic project is handled by a professional graphic designer.

We don't just juxtapose a large image with small photos. Our team carries out real graphic work, from meticulous cutting of hundreds of photos to colour retouching on the final mosaic.

Our ultimate aim is to achieve a result that is both harmonious and striking: from a distance, you can see the main image, and up close, you can make out the small photos that make it up. We can advise you on the quality of your photos, make any necessary changes before printing, etc. The whole team is available to listen to you and help you with your project.

The care we put into your mosaic will ensure that your personalised painting becomes an exceptional decorative object!

Give a touch of originality with a mosaic photo

Whether printed on stretched canvas or photo paper, a photo mosaic makes an original and moving gift, bringing together all the moments you've shared in a single work of art. It's an original way of bringing to life the hundreds of photos that lie dormant in your old albums and delighting your loved ones. It's an original way of bringing to life the hundreds of photos that lie dormant in your old albums and delighting your nearest and dearest.

There are many occasions to create a photo mosaic: birthdays, weddings, the birth of a child, or simply to relive memories of memorable trips.

This fun and decorative object is just as suitable for individuals as it is for businesses. For the latter, a popular idea is to create the company logo from the portrait of each employee.

Don't delay - let us create your photo mosaic