Custom Portrait

Custom Portrait: Turn your portraits into Pop Art works!

You are looking for a gift idea different and original which is part of the modernity ? Do you want to offer a photo on canvas that changes from the ordinary while constituting a real decorative object? Why not indulge in the customizable Pop Art painting ? Pop colors are perfect for brighten up a living room of your home while bringing a artistic dimension to the snapshot of a close person, your partner or your children, but also your pets who take on a completely different look when their features are colored according to the Andy Warhol style , like a box of Roy Lichtenstein-style comic strip .


Personalized Pop Art portrait 4 flashy boxes


How to choose your personalized Pop Art style portrait?

Before choosing the style and influence you want to give to your Pop Art table , it is advisable to select one or more photos which present a high level of quality of shooting and rendering. The higher the resolution, the sharpness and lighting of your shots will be of quality and uniformity, the more your custom pop art portrait will present depth and elegance. You can also magnify your future personalized portrait by taking exclusive photos specific to your project by equipping the subject(s) with various accessories such as a hat or a cap, trendy sunglasses, a tie or a bow tie and whatever else you can think of to bring this bit of originality and eccentricity in creation. As soon as you have the customizable portrait that looks like you or conveys the desired emotions, all you have to do is choose the Pop Art style you want to give it via our online personalized portrait creation site. the Jackson Pollock's unique Splash style , the inimitable colorful portrait Andy Warhol or essential paintings full of pep, artistic creations made by our illustrators and graphic designers and which you can decline on stretched canvases.

What are the advantages of trusting Studio Pop Art?

  • Exemplary responsiveness from our team in processing your request.
  • A Pop Art painting printed on a high quality 100% cotton canvas , in the size of your choice.
  • High-end printing with specific coloring pigments guaranteeing excellent rendering and perfect hold over time.
  • Fast delivery. With the Pop Art Studio, it is a personalized portrait creation that is offered to you to meet your expectations as closely as possible and to create the unique Pop Art painting to hang in your living room upon receipt.