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Valentine's Day gift idea for Margot Robbie 😉

This Tuesday 24 January in Melbourne, Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas hits on his favourite actress Margot Robbie.

As usual, at the end of his success, he was interviewed by the interviewer, a member of the tournament organising committee, just after the end of the matches. Still on court and facing the audience, Stefanos Tsitsipas answered questions from former US international Jim Courier. "I like Australia a lot," he said. There are a lot of things I like here. My favourite actress is from here by the way! Margot Robbie! I hope I can..."

A hesitation caused hilarity from the audience and Jim Courier. You're making her an offer, what's going on here? Apparently you're inviting Margot Robbie? 'Absolutely,' Tsitsipas retorted.

You too can order that same custom portrait for your beloved Dulcinea here.
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